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330ml Perfectly Still

Speyside 330ml Still

500ml Perfectly Still

Speyside 500ml Still

750ml Perfectly Still

Speyside 750ml Still

750ml Lightly Sparkling

Speyside 750ml Sparkling

500ml Lightly Sparkling

Speyside 500ml Sparkling

330ml Lightly Sparkling

Speyside 330ml Sparkling

When mineral water is this fresh, it deserves to be treated with respect. Which is why Speyside Glenlivet is available in two simple forms – Still and Sparkling. Both come in elegant 330ml, 500ml and 750ml bottles. The 330ml is delivered in cases of 24, the 500ml in cases of 24 and the 750ml in cases of 12.

Sophisticated yet understated, the new design of the bottles now more than ever reflects the exclusivity of the finest mineral water within and the establishments in which it can be found.

Like any fine product, Speyside Glenlivet also deserves to be served properly. It should be chilled between 12-15 degrees centigrade and, as additional flavours will compromise the purity of the water, served without ice or fruit.

The British Bottler's Institute - Gold and Silver Awards

The British Bottler's Institute is a leading industry organisation and its annual competition rewards quality and innovation among global beverage producers. Speyside Glenlivet lightly sparkling was awarded the prestigious Gold prize in 2013 while the brand has also been recognised for the quality and design of its packaging with the Silver medal accolade.

The British Bottler's Institute GoldThe British Bottler's Institute Silver


Speyside Glenlivet is recommended and served at the restaurants of some of the world’s most eminent chefs and hoteliers.


Speyside Glenlivet is available through an exclusive global network of premier stockists.